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What fees do you charge?

June’s initial consultations on any matter are at no cost.  June prefers to provide services for a fixed fee based upon the estimated time and costs involved.  Personal injury matters are generally handled on a contingent fee basis.  In all matters, an engagement letter setting forth the terms and conditions of the engagement including the fees are agreed to by the client before work is undertaken.


Do you represent clients in medical malpractice actions?

June may undertake an initial review of relevant medical records to determine whether there is a potential medical malpractice action.  If she believes a claim has potential merit, she will refer the matter to a reputable plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney in the Seattle area.  On a case by case basis, June may associate with a medical malpractice firm to provide continuity and client service through resolution of the claim.  There is no additional fee to the client for this association.