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Catastrophic Personal Injury

June utilizes her experience in health care, litigation, and insurance coverage to represent selected victims of motor vehicle accidents who have sustained catastrophic injuries. Typically, these individuals are airlifted to a Trauma Facility such as Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where they begin a lengthy period of treatment and rehabilitation. June works closely with such individuals and their families to assist with all legal issues associated with obtaining the resources necessary to ensure the best possible recovery.  By only representing a maximum of one such client at a time, June is able to provide concierge type services including:

•          Visits and meetings at the hospital, care facility or client’s home.

•          Prompt personal response to telephone calls, text messages and emails 24/7

•          Patient advocacy in helping clients and their family members understand treatment options and make care decisions

•          Assistance with planning for hospital discharge and return to home

•          Evidence preservation and ongoing documentation of injuries and damages

•          Consultation re social media and communication logistics with friends and family

•          Ongoing emotional support for clients and family members

•          Research and analysis of available insurance resources, including Underinsured Motorists Coverage, property damage coverage, no-fault coverage, disability, health care coverage and third party coverage

•          Communication and negotiations with health care insurance providers

•          Preparation of detailed demand packages to insurance carriers

•          Representation of clients at pre-suit mediation

•          Representation of clients in litigation